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Anssi Vanjoki, “getting Nokia back to #1 in high end devices”

Having just read a short excerpt written on Nokia’s official blog by the current head of Nokia’s Mobile Services division Anssi Vanjoki, I felt it necessary to share it with you guys.


I think it speaks for itself where Nokia regard their position in the market and the situation they currently face. I’ll say this much though, I like him a LOT more than OPK. Brutally honest, open-minded and very much aware of the issues with their company, their products and their perception unlike other executives *cough* Steve Jobs *cough*.

Read on and sound off in the comments, would love to hear what you guys think.

  1. Roger Johnson
    July 2, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Firstly – your headline to this story is written as a quote from Anssi, and yet nowhere does he say “Nokia’s uphill struggle begins now.”, so I think you should change the title of this story, otherwise it’s dishonest. I do not think it’s fair or correct to paraphrase him. Actual quotes you could use are “I am committed, perhaps even obsessed, with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices” or “I’m ready to take this challenge on, and so is the entire Nokia team.”

    Secondly – A Symbian^4 NSeries device. Nice. Competitive. I KNEW Symbian (note: not the old S60 UI) was always way better than iOS or Android are, or are forecast to be. It is the world’s best mobile OS by some way. I would much rather have Symbian in a smartphone of any sort than MeeGo.

    Thirdly – worth noting that Nokia are way more visionary than say Microsoft are about the future of computing, which is interesting. “…it will power the computers of the future. And the computers of the future will not be tied to a desk or even a lap – they will fit in your pocket. From the ground up, MeeGo is a computer operating system.” Microsoft have nothing to compete. Win 7 is a no no. Win 8 won’t fit the vision for these new smaller devices (and notably Intel is not backing it either, as it is going with MeeGo). And Win Pho 7 is not going anywhere fast.

    And as a developer, software you write using QT will run on the biggest smartphone and computer platforms of the future, without change! I await the masses of devs returning from iPhone and Android where they have lost fortunes…

    • Roger Johnson
      July 2, 2010 at 6:10 pm

      Thank you for correcting the headline 🙂

      • Andre
        July 2, 2010 at 6:11 pm

        I’ve got no issues with constructive (and warranted) criticisms 😀

  2. Andre
    July 2, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    There is no denying, that as a challenger now, we have a fight on our hands. The first battle is to bring you products and services you will want to own and use, to inspire you to create and do new things in this ever changing digital world.
    I’m ready to take this challenge on, and so is the entire Nokia team.
    Moreso paraphrased but I’ll change it

  3. Johnny_Knoe
    July 2, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Unlike OPK, i’ve seen/read a lot of interviews with Anssi Vanjoki. It seems he is much more in touch with the community and knows what the consumers want. So i think he’s the right guy for the job.
    IMO Nokia is not in such a bad situation. By the end of the year all pieces of the Ovi, Qt, Symbian and Maemo puzzle will be put together and people will realise what good products they get when they choose Nokia.

    • Andre
      July 2, 2010 at 4:53 pm

      OPK is on his way out anyway.

  4. jb8967
    July 2, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I have a lot of faith in Anssi’s consumer centric approach to business. He is clearly passionate about Nokia and the mission to regain top spot in the premium smartphone business. I think the company’s strategy is sound…now it is all about execution. OPK clearly stated 2011 will be a formative year for Nokia. Actually, this is the year where all the formative preparations start to bear fruit…if the Nokia team executes well. It needs to hit the market with 3 or 4 top tier phones in less than two quarters…to leave the blogosphere spinning. It needs to show how its multi-OS’s are synergistic within the Qt framework and OVI ecosystem. It also needs to tie together its strategy in simplistic terms and with viral sound bites. I do wish NOK success.

  5. John Wiegand-forson
    July 2, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Man some of my confidence in Nokia is restored in that post by Anssi, but they still need to execute its all well and good pointing out mistakes but Nokia need to execute, but one thing is for sure the second have of the year will definitely involve a lot of News in the high end sector from Nokia I cannot wait 🙂

    • Andre
      July 2, 2010 at 8:23 pm

      EXECUTION is what we want to see.
      We’re gna get heavy traffic in september and october. LOL 🙂

    • Andre
      July 3, 2010 at 12:29 am

      I think what he hinted at with regards to the S^4 on N-series devices is an upgrade for the N8 to S^4.
      Fingers crossed!

      • khalidou
        July 5, 2010 at 1:05 pm

        some french website said nokia told them this won’t happen. see here: http://www.cnetfrance.fr/news/nokia-n8-precisions-anti-iphone-4-39752861.htm

        • Andre
          July 5, 2010 at 5:47 pm

          I wouldn’t trust that source. It has yet to be stated by any Nokia representatives, ever.

          • khalidou
            July 6, 2010 at 9:51 am

            well currenrtly that’s the only stuff we have about that subject. are you listening nokia? we want upgradable devices!

  6. Keith
    July 2, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    I’ve been a loyal Nokia fan since years. And I gotta say, they made (and still make) great devices.
    However, I think what people REALLY need is a greater OS. MeeGo looks VERY promising. But people will ignore the benefits and look at the “smoothness” of the OS and its usability. I think Nokia needs to improve upon that to gain popularity in North America and I KNOW that Nokia has the potential to do it because of its HUGE fanbase, GREAT OS compatibility.

    And IMO, Nokia should either make the MeeGo such that not only the Europeans or Asians would like it, but even the North American customers would love it because North American Smartphone market is booming and Nokia needs to catch up there to give Apple and Android a tough competition. And the only way to do that is by coming up with a VISUALLY appealing smartphone that should have all the features that their current phones have and a better marketing strategy in North America. Thats the only reason IMO that Nokia is failing in this market. For example the N8, its a GREAT phone but here’s some issues with it.

    1. Laggy OS (people want a “better looking OS”)

    2. Specs (680 MHz processor isnt enough for people coz they only look at the appearance and numbers so may be try upgrading it before its release.)

    3. Better marketing strategy (people wont notice Nokia phones if they dont market it properly…..at least in North America)

    Overall, I think N8 has A GREAT POTENTIAL. But it needs to be visually pleasing in terms of UI. Plus, you said that N8 will be the ONLY S^3 device which IMO is a drawback because there might be less support for it.

    I LOVE NOKIA, and I dont want them to fall behind the competition because this is the perfect time to work up and take what they have and improve upon the visual aspect of the OS to attract more customers on the western side.

    • Roger Johnson
      July 2, 2010 at 11:52 pm

      N8 – laggy OS!? Methinks your video playback speed must be slow 🙂
      Most quotes I’ve seen comparing it to Android/iPhone say N8 is faster UI. And remember you were seeing PRE-RELEASE software, as everyone says time and time again.

      Processor speed – only geeks pay attention to this. And again, you have faster processor, apart from being unnecessary it’ll put the handset cost up considerably. iPhone/Android need faster processors because their OSes aren’t anywhere near as well engineered.

      > Plus, you said that N8 will be the ONLY S^3 device
      No, that’s incorrect. N8 will be the only S^3 NSeries. There will be LOTS of other Symbian^3 devices in the other ranges (E, X, and possibly C) and at least one S^4 NSeries device.

  7. mrbean
    July 2, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    about time they start fighting isn’t it?

  8. Andre
    July 2, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Laggy and better looking are two different things Keith.
    If you’re taking your impression of the N8 based on what you’re seeing on videos online and the like then obviously you realize that its been running on older firmware probably a few months old.
    If people were so concerned with “specs” why did they buy the original iphone, the iphone 3G and the iphone 3GS by the millions.
    Most people care about the experience. Provided it’s marketed well, people will buy it provided it’s fast and doesn’t suck.
    To me, iOS looks like a fisher price toy with the massive buttons and whatnot.
    Android just doesn’t particularly draw me either.

    • Jim
      July 2, 2010 at 11:41 pm

      well people care more about eye-candy and running smooth , more than the options. I know people don’t use their phones except for making calls, but they want to be cool and show their friends some cool effects.

      if they made symbian 3 a little more colorful and with some animated transitions everyone will be excited. also the lag is very important.

      • Andre
        July 2, 2010 at 11:58 pm

        Colors and eye-candy transition and everyone will be wanking on S^3
        I’d put money on it but I dont have any

  9. Keith
    July 3, 2010 at 12:27 am

    Yes, The normal homescreen and menu might not be laggy but apps like photo and video editor are laggy, at least right now. and thats why i want nokia to clear up that problem. I personally dont REALLY care about it but other normal people do.

    Processor speed: im not saying tha 680 MHz isnt enough. I said its not enough for people. they look at the numbers. and putting in a 720-800 MHz processor might just please them and may be remove the lag they see.

    And ya, My bad, I meant the only N-series device 😛

    • Andre
      July 3, 2010 at 12:31 am

      The processor is an underclocked one. Nokia has bumped up processor speed on their devices with firmware update. Just something to keep in mind.
      With regards to the photo and video editor.
      I saw nothing wrong with either with regards to execution. Problems with the the touchscreen maybe but not with the device having enough power to handle it.

    • JFH
      July 5, 2010 at 12:46 pm

      The Video editor kicks the living crap out of ANY competition performance wise, even the fruit one.

  10. Donny
    September 14, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Oddly enough, the same things our intelligent author has pointed out in Ansii have NOT been done by him public prior to his letter of resignation. Funny enough its pricely Steve Jobs that warranted such values – “open-minded and very much aware of the issues with their company, their products and their perception”.

    Steve Jobs in relation to Apple.
    – Changed the board of directors. Many whom rely on their OS ecosystem & products for profitability, and sold non-voting stock to their long time nemisis/competitor that legally would be barred from swalling whole but would’ve benefitted from their demise = Microsoft, Bill Gates.
    – Reduced product line to bare essentials.
    – implemented his flailing or failing Next company technologies and staff = OS X.
    – implemented stronger ties to education market in USA going from 23% > 75%+ (more than ever before).
    – Apple iMac the worlds BEST selling personal computer by number of units sold EVER.
    – Retail stores
    – No porn support or love for their iOS platforms; regardless of how much revenue/profits/sales it will garner. This is called integrity!
    – Apple stock has gone up, consistently & exponentially from $8US > $266/common share since his return. No …. other … CEO … has EVER done this and possibly never will.
    – Voted best CEO in the last decade.
    – fronts more than 2 companies and is a member of the board on another he doesn’t own.

    Like or hate him, its Jobs by 95% the reason why Apple today is the largest technology company in the USA when just 10.5 yrs ago was looking full out bankruptcy!

    To be honest Phil Schiller, or Scott Forestall has done more publicly and publicly viewable for Apple than Ansii has for Nokia; presentations aside or included Ansii is a front man or manager not a contributor for Nokia.

  11. Donny
    September 14, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Still though, I honor and respect this blog and fellow hofo member who knows me as Prom1 and knows I was a long time fan of Nokia and Symbian – and unlike many who may claim me as a Machead I’ve actually contributed to Symbian-Foundation suggestions that even today is STILL liked and has already been implemented since Symbian^2

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