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Nokia N8 and Bluetooth 3.0 – Super Fast wireless data transfer.

Points if you can name these devices :p major kudos if you've actually used one. Retro FTW.

One of the reasons phone pictures from families/friends never make it anywhere else except the phone is the lack of know-how with connection cables, card readers, much less – over Bluetooth.

During the days of early wireless data transfer with Infra-Red, Bluetooth 1.0 was a revelation. Much faster transfer of files meaning that connectivity cables could be left behind. (That and it was fun to prank with 😀 – friends unknowingly receiving files over BT, request names becoming phantom messages)

I love sending over pictures from my phones to my laptop with just a few clicks over Bluetooth 2.0 and browse my phone’s folders from desktop (and vice versa) all without ever having to plug anything in. It’s probably why I use my digital cameras less. Bluetooth is also extremely useful when on the go and you just want to send/receive some photos or whatnot really quickly to/from someone else’s phone.

Single connection or permanent authorized pairing; it’s so easy to connect via Bluetooth. it’s what makes Bluetooth accessories so great. Plus the whole wireless options of course :).

But as file sizes got bigger (higher res photos, higher bitrate MP3 and videos) Bluetooth 1.0 and 2.0 just couldn’t really hack it. It would just take too long to transfer say 1GB file  you might as well find that cable/card reader.

As usual with Nokia, another fantastically undersold feature with their up and coming Nokia N8 is Bluetooth 3.0. Samsung Wave one of the only other phones to have Bluetooth 3.0. Magical iPhone 4 doesn’t have it – not that you could do anything over Bluetooth except connect (limited) accessories.

Bluetooth 3.0 is a super fast wireless transfer with the ease of Bluetooth and the speed of 802.11 WLAN.

(video via Nokioteca)

In the time it takes to send a 7MB file with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, you could have sent at least 50MB-60MB with Bluetooth 3.0.

In the test above, BT 2.1 was at 1.8Mbps whilst BT 3.0 was at least 25Mbps. That’s pretty much like having wireless USB.

In addition to enhanced speeds, Bluetooth 3.0 theoretically enables connection from a distance of up to 100m (vs 10m on Bluetooth). I think they may also be more economical on power.

Bluetooth 3.0 makes it that much easier to transfer files to and from the N8 – speed without the wires, that’s just super convenient.

The speed is dependent on the lowest common denominator. If you’re connecting to a Bluetooth 2.0 device, you’re limited to the highest speed of the lowest BT variant.

Whilst you can’t really do much for phone-phone transfer, you could just get a bluetooth 3.0 dongle for your pc (if 3.0 isn’t an option for new pc/only have 2.0+ in current pc). They’re tiny and discreet and you’ll probably forget they’re plugged in.

How do you get pictures from your mobile devices? Do you prefer wired/card/wireless or cloud?

  1. mrbean
    June 28, 2010 at 9:41 am

    I guess I wont be using the data cable for a while…

  2. Rack
    November 9, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Sorry, the N8 is only Bluetooth 3.0. Confusingly this does not give you a high-speed transfer. It is only if you have Bluetooth 3.0+HS that you get the high-speed (HS)

    Stupid Bluetooth.org for allowing this abomination of spec naming convention. Everyone only wants HS from the 3.0 spec, but 3.0 on it’s own does not include it.

    Of course there are other changes, but most of them are irrelevant to the normal user.

  1. June 28, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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