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What will a Nokia Tablet bring to the plate?

Since the iPad graced planet earth not so long ago, the Tech media have been nothing but annoying about the possibilities of an “iPad killer” from various Hardware vendors, the latest of course being Nokia. Of course there is still a debate wether tablets are a viable platform and not just a novelty item like past Nokia tablets have been.

Bill Gates was a big advocate of tablets for what seems like centuries ago, he famously predicted that every person in family will own a tablet. I was very excited by his prediction and was looking forward to tablets. But you know the rest is history, tablets from the day Bill Gates made his prediction have pretty much been rubbish, or are targeted to a very specific target market, until the iPad appeared.

I have got to admit it when Steve first unveiled at the Keynote I was disappointed I had high hopes after all the rumours, since then I have had my hands on one and think its a decent device, time will tell if the tablet form factor is a viable platform

But my concern is what is the point of a 7 to 9 inch tablet by Nokia ?

Nokia’s logo has clearly always included “Connecting people” you don’t need a tablet to do that ?!?!?! or do you ???

Tablets’s are great for consuming media, but Nokia haven’t got any at the moment.

  • Nokia currently dont’t sell or rent out any downloadable movies (which they should)
  • Nokia Music is full of DRM wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole
  • Books, they don’t have any
  • Apps, they pretty much have start from scratch if Meego is used

Meego is great platform though and it would make a great OS if this video is any indication to go by

HD Video: Pre-Alpha MeeGo for tablets demo – it looks frikkin AMAZING!

This video of how future Nokia devices can integrate which each other and the Ovi cloud services is truly exciting

  • Having for example a tablet style device like a dell streak and a smaller “phone (5230)” connected with each other wirelessly or using memory cards would be quite exciting the iPad currently doesn’t allow you to do that with the iPhone

To be honest I am still struggling about the idea of a Nokia Tablet.I know they have been making tablets or MID’s but they are more extensions of what smartphone can do. Releasing a tablet that will allow you to watch moives, play games, run some applications surf the internet doesn’t excite me one bit and to be honest the iPad will look like a better option for the “normal consumer”.

So in my opinion Nokia tablet will have to offer something slightly different to the current market to be cool and Ovi will have to become a more integral experience wether people like it or not

Let me know in the comments below what you think a Nokia tablet will has to have to be interesting and not just an iPad clone you can also follow me on twitter @jwf90 and leave comments 🙂

  1. Jim
    June 22, 2010 at 2:00 am

    “Apps, they pretty much have start from scratch if Meego is used”

    well meego is a linux based OS so there are plenty of applications that can already run without any modification required

    “Nokia currently dont’t sell or rent out any downloadable movies (which they should)”
    this can be done with an agreement with third party studios/TVs

    “To be honest I am still struggling about the idea of a Nokia Tablet”
    tablets are very useful , at least for me. I can easy replace my netbook when I travel. I don’t type very much on the netbook so I don’t need a physical keyboard. I’m using my netbook to check some emails and watch some movies while I travel( 4 hours with train once on 2 weeks).

    So yea, if they release and has a good battery life I’m thinking of buying one.

    and it’s also useful in house. I like to sit on my bed while I check my emails or talk with my frieds. I find this much easier than using a laptop.

    Now depends what are you looking for.

    Also comparing with iPad , the tablet definition is not much. iPad is more a big iPhone than a tablet.

    From what I’ve seen meego has a lot of potential .

  2. Doug
    June 22, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Man, if I could head the hardware design team for a Nokia tablet…

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