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Video: Nokia Research Center Presents: Cognitive Radio

With the increasing numbers of people using mobile data, the consequences are that networks speeds suffer.

Recently this has resulted in many major networks killing off their previous “unlimited” bandwidth plans in an attempt to control the usage of its network, preventing poor, slow services when you’re paying for fast mobile broadband speeds. As an annual occurrence, just remember what happens at new year’s eve – the network crashes as everyone tries to send message greetings.

Nokia Research Centre presents using cartoon characters Basil and Pepper, how the network can be freed by allowing the smart usage of all radio spectrums (not just the ones limited for cellular data)

There are also other benefits of this future radio technology which you can see in this video.

  • Cognitive radio enables interaction of all radio devices, not just those within grouped spectrum.
  • Control and verify identity, online and offline, e.g. if you move house/town you can redirect your mail, subscribe to utilities (gas/electricity), enrol your kids at the local school – all at the same time
  • Radio enabled advertising/posters/billboards sends information to your phone in your language
  • Embedding of simple radios in any object could mean interaction of all objects (Think MeeGo interaction with cars/fridges/toasters/phones/pc/tv/video/ticket booths etc etc)
  • Cognitive radio ensure’s you’re connected, connecting not only through network cells but also forming spontaneous networks ensuring messages, calls, data streams are transmitted by more users.

It’s somewhat slightly condescending, bringing explanation down to a child’s level but I think in a way that’s good as it doesn’t limit understanding just to those already in tech circles.

  1. Jim
    June 17, 2010 at 1:18 am

    it’s a great idea. I hope they put it in practice and claim and promote it, until apple come in with a fancy name and everyone will think that they changed everything. Again 🙂

  1. June 18, 2010 at 4:28 am

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