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Video: Nokia N8 TV Advert/Commercial.

jamcansing has uploaded the first TV Nokia N8 commercial/advert showing every day people doing cool stuff with Nokia devices. (e.g. Push N900 campaign)

This commercial was put together by Weiden + Kennedy, advertising company of so many memorable ads; the Old Spice “I’m on a horse” guy being one example and Nike’s “Write the Future” being another.

Norman from Symbian-World, Sergejs, Roman from S60inside and I got the chance back in March to check out some of the filming behind the scenes.

See Barcelona Post.

We couldn’t talk about that since the N8 hadn’t even been officially launched yet.

I’m sure there’s a proper video (not a video of a presentation) that Nokia will upload soon.

This video was shot over many different locations and there’s going to be more videos along this theme coming soon (I’d really like to see the piece shot at Barcelona 🙂 )

Apparently I also had the chance to be part of one of these ads (but had a presentation to do at Uni during filming day)

jamcansing via finestfones via @Mickyfin

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