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Video: Nokia Connection 2010 Opening Remarks and Keynote – (MeeGo Phone N9 at 600 EUR?)

Part 1


techpinas has uploaded videos of the Nokia Connection 2010 keynote.

If you’ve got some time to spare they’re worth a watch. (Part 3 about N8)

In part 2, Jo Harlow says

About other manufacturers:

“And those handset manufacturers who are not investing in offering services are playing catch up or are leaving all service innovation to 3rd parties”

Three categories

  • Series 40 mobile phones – affordable access to mobile communications and services to hundreds of millions of people connecting them to net for first time
  • Symbian Smartphones – smartphone functionality to mass market quickly and more affordable.
  • MeeGo Mobile Computers,our platform for high end mobile computers

Each platform has different capabilities, each serving different people in different ways.

About Nokia and high end.

“Nokia’s leadership has been questioned in recent months however it is often overlooked that we continue to have the largest market share in mobile devices and the largest share in smartphones. More than 1.2 Billion people around the world are using Nokia devices. At Nokia we aim to satisfy a broad range of customers around the world. And no single OS can stretch from a basic mobile phone around 30 euros to a mobile computer at 600 euros“.

Is MeeGo phone going to be 600 Euros? Anyway…

“Symbian is an OS tailor made for connecting to mobile desktops. It can be adjusted to hundreds of mobile operator variants allowing us to truly democratize the smartphone. According to Gartner, Symbian continues to lead all other mobile OS with 44.3% market share and poised to regain it’s leadership market position world wide.”

Part 2


Part 3

  1. Inokia
    June 14, 2010 at 11:45 am

    If meego phone frim nokia priced at euro600

    it must be well designed, excellent material used, batter brain than n900; and ovi maps suppport, some decent apps and games are free

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