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Video: Nokia N8 Multitouch pinch to zoom photo browser

I’ve posted a couple of videos before with N95 multitouch, via bluetooth keyboard and N900 multitouch via green screen.

No need for this with the Nokia N8 as it’s the first Nokia to have real multitouch.

This can be observed both at web browser and photo browser.

The video in the previous photo browser post has been removed. If you missed that, here’s another photo browser demo.

NOTE: This has proto firmware, but nonetheless:

  • slight delay when opening up photo (relative to instant – then again this is a 12mp photo, not your 3mp from 2006 which was new for certain phones last year)
  • rotating load icon whilst zooming (although it zooms in fine with no delay)
  • panning photo should have kinetic scrolling – but that’s just me
  • zooming out seems pretty fast
  • second attempt seems to miss, but I’m hoping that’s more due to screen mispress that lag.
  • You’ll notice the use of xenon flash in one of the pics – it seems to have intelligent close up flash (instead of washing out with xenon for being too close)
  • Positive: Hurray for the death of the stupid zoom bar (that never worked properly). Zoom bars should not exist on modern touch screens. Hope Ovi Maps gets Multitouch too.

pconline.com.cn/ via Camb078

  1. Tamten
    June 3, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Multitouch is inconvinient and not comfortable. Try to zoom using only one hand – the one You are holding the phone, when another hand is bussy. Zoom bar or just simple + and – butons are way easier to use! Only good thing about multitouch is that it doesn’t consume screen space for buttons or bars. I don’t understand why people love multitouch – it is only a nice lookig feature but inpractical.

    • June 3, 2010 at 1:27 pm

      Hi Tamten,

      With Symbian, for one handed zoom, the volume buttons do a fine job.

      My beef with the zoom bar maybe more due to the failure of implementation than the actual zoom bar itself. On N97/5800 zoom bar is temperamental.

      Zoom bar/volume zoom also lacks the ability of precision zoom, to zoom at the location you want instead of having to pan to it later.

      Whilst I agree multitouch is predominantly two handed operation, in the video, the person demonstrates multitouch pinch zoom in such an awkward way. But two handed use, left hand holding, right hand pinching, it’s an absolute breeze.

      Most of the time I would be zooming in a photo, I’m using two hands anyway (holding steady in landscape to show something to friends)

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