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Somewhat of a Nokia N8 review and yet another Silver Nokia N8 Gallery

Just in case you weren’t already having convulsions from the excess of Silver Nokia N8 pics from the last gallery, here’s another bunch to push you over the edge, courtesy of mobile.163.com. Don’t worry, there’s no saucy fur this time.

We’ve culled a third of repeats, though really they’re pretty much the same images just in different angles and lighting. As you can see in the image above, the ends match the middle metal bit in less harsh lighting.

What you may like to know is that it’s part of a review spread over 5 pages. It repeats much of what we know, such as:

  • Being 180% faster than N97, that’s nearly 3 times as fast (100%Faster being twice as fast, 200% being 3 times as fast)
  • 680MHz and 256MB RAM apparently more than adequate for Symbian 3, despite many wishing bigger numbers in this department.
  • N8 has light sensor and 2ndary cam for video – what happened to proximity sensor?
  • Operation of UI seems different to N97, successfully solving the N97’s UI criticisms – N8 and S^3 more improved touch UI with greatly improved operational efficiency
  • NO info (unless I’ve missed it) on screen responsiveness, readability, colours, brightness, speaker quality etc. Nitty gritty stuff. Maybe it’s because they have proto/non consumer/proto firmware device?

The camera gets a mention as well as some sample photos (though it seems the camera glass is smudged somewhat). That is my main concern with the lack of lens cover, not so much scratching but the murky greasy smudges that will wreck photos.

Do check out the link mobile.163.com as the first page contains a hands on video (most likely to be swiped and uploaded to youtube at some stage, if it hasn’t been already)

I especially like the photo below showing off the hot swappable SIM card and the return of the external hot swappable memory card. Something as simple as putting the memory card back on the outside (instead of behind the cover) makes it 100 times more likely to be used (in a switching sense). If you have a key reader fob, it makes it super easy to transfer your pictures over to any pc, or borrow another memory card to shove content over to your N8.

mobile.163.com via blog-n8.fr

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