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Video: #NokiaSweded – @WOMWorldNokia’s video challenge entry. (Nokia super amateur “spoof”)



A couple of weeks back WOMWorld sent over a bumper box full of accessories and odd items like wigs, plastic flowers and fake snow.

With that, I was supposed to make a video.

I didn’t really understand it at the time, and even if I had understood the brief, I was buried under a mountain of revision and exams. :S

Due to the ashcloud and such, the deadline was moved to 24th May, giving me some time to have a go at WOM’s video challenge.

My friends told me sweded is meant to look super amateurish so that’s what we’re presenting here on our take on sweding Nokia’s Simple Human Solutions ad.

It’s 2min 45 seconds long, and after that are behind the scenes/deleted parts.

[Someone was almost hospitalized due to one scene :o]

Original video

Yes, it barely looks anything like the original, haha, but we didn’t want to just replicate it. We wanted a sweded ultra low budget touch :p. e.g. drawing on the computer screen instead of an animated computer screen. The recording venue, hahaha.

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