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Pics: Removing the battery on the Nokia N8.

In their first impressions, Symbian-France said that you can just remove the screws to get access to the Nokia N8 battery.

Ahmed360 has done just that, at least with this proto version.

It’s not something you’ll want to do to quickly swap batteries, but it means come the end of 18 months when the battery starts to wane, you might be able to go and replace yourself without having to send off to Nokia care. The battery is a standard BL-4D as found in the likes of the N97 mini (so no need to find specialized N8 battery)

Having said that, how many of Joe Public would actually be changing their phone battery in the space of 24 months anyway? I suspect a majority would have a count of ZERO.

Though it is always a nice option.

For those wanting extended power options, portable charger packs are great. e.g. Proporta’s Turbocharger which will definitely make your N8 last the whole day on EXTREMELY heavy use.

I prefer that to changing battery as 1) I don’t need to buy separate batteries 2) I don’t need to charge spare batteries.

Also, if the entire N8 housing can be removed, perhaps a few months down the line you might replace your Black N8 for a more daring Blue? (Or whatever swap)

ahmed360 via finestfones via bvlad

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