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MeeGo Screenshots!

Some images found through @MickyFin and @Camb078 of early MeeGo screenshots.

The icon bar at the top somewhat resembles the icon bar of Moblin. This one’s from Micky. The screen ratio looks to be 16:9 and not the 16:10 of Maemo. What could that suggest about the resolution? Please god, NOT nHD.

  • Note the call and end buttons on the screen. I hope there are physical call and end buttons too as it makes it much more easier to initiate phone calls. I hate that on the N900 making a phone call is the hardest thing to do.
  • The touch call interface looks to be a mix of Maemo (with the big “end call” and Symbian 5th with those touch icons.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any persistent menu button so hopefully there’s a PHYSICAL menu button (or maybe a dedicated touch sensitive buttons for those with weak fingers -_-). Will it even have traditional menu? (N900 desktop interface makes me hardly use the menu system to access apps as everything I need is within my desktops – I hope this somehow translates well into MeeGo)

But @Cambo who has also posted the same two screenshots has an additional one below.

  • Maybe it’s the dull grey theme, but I don’t like that empty grey mass at the bottom. Maybe it’s just there so when it rotates the photos still fit?
  • It’s very Maemo 5 looking with this gallery format. There aren’t any gaps between thumnails like maemo 5 and although less space is used, you have more icons in view (24 vs 15 in Maemo 5)
  • I really like it and I hope they preserve much of the gallery functions.
  • You’ll notice a dedicated tab for albums to make it much more obvious for people to be able to switch albums instead of having to hit the options bar and perhaps filter by tags. It’s all about making it so simple your granma or a 2 year old will understand the UI -_-.

Micky also labelled this one as a MeeGo screenshot, and it has surfaced back in February as MeeGo screenshot. I thought it was just a Moblin screenshot cropped (see the one below this) where instead of being a harmattan-panning panorama desktop, it’s just been cropped.

  • But there’s that freaky MeeGo mascot going on a laptop in the sreenshot.
  • Note the chrome browser icon. What’s that about?
  • It could be that like harmattan the browser pans and the edges aren’t completely visible. I don’t know if panning just expands that desktop or whether it switches you to the icon bars at the top.
  • I like the idea of quickly selecting a desktop using icon bars at the top. Though those icons (settings/music/social network etc) more likely just open up those apps.

Moblin screenshotApart from the drab and depressing grey (which hopefully will be changed) I like this new look.

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  1. BIG ROD
    April 13, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    Nice post bro. Thanks!

  2. Kangal
    April 14, 2010 at 3:05 am

    Will an Application (eg N64 emulator) built for MeeGo on x86 run natively on a high-powered smartphone/tablet (ARM Cortex A9) without the need for recompiling?

    If YES, MeeGo will beat Apple to a pulp as it spreads like cancer.

    If NO, how much recompiling?

    If LITTLE, MeeGo might still become widespread in a short time
    If ALOT, MeeGo’s success will be more limited and the project may even fail disastrously.

    MeeGO devs people answer this dillema and how it affects end-users

  3. omichalek
    April 15, 2010 at 10:30 am

    “N900 desktop interface makes me hardly use the menu system to access apps as everything I need is within my desktops – I hope this somehow translates well into MeeGo”

    I completely agree, it would be cool however if one could switch faster between the desktop but don’t ask me how 🙂

    I hope the menu button stays also, it’s like a heart to the system.

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