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Firefox for Mobile Now Available on Nokia’s N900 Maemo Platform! [Default MicroB browser still better]

FireFox has announced that it is now available for the N900 and Maemo 5. It’s been available a while as a Beta but now it’s ready. I’ve found the default MicroB To download, point your N900’s browser over to firefox.com/m

Your N900 will add “Mozilla Catalogue” to app manager and it’ll proceed to  download and install the 12.8MB of Foxy goodness.

There are some nice little UI tweaks,

  • such as zooming in to places of text entry, (like log in areas),
  • the left swipe for tabs and
  • right swipe for settings, back/forward, favourites (I love having a simple back/forward button on touch!)
  • You also get Add ons.
  • All tabs stay in this app (could be negative for some)
  • “Awesome Bar”. Gets more awesome the more you use it.
  • Not sure if some sites render better with FF, the only one that seems to be better with FireFox is Gmail and related google software. Not thoroughly checked though…
  • Great password manager. Same as FF on desktop.


I haven’t used this version much but I always moved back to the main browser during the Beta versions of Firefox.

The default MicroB on the N900 is just too good.

N900’s default MicroB vs FireFox

  • Much smoother panning
  • I think much faster
  • Wider flash support (FireFox requires addon to watch YouTube)
  • Spiral Zoom (it really does help fore precision zooming!!)
  • Volume zoom (haven’t quite worked out how else to zoom other than tapping with FF)
  • Each MicroB tab = 1 multitask window. You get a bigger thumbnail, title, and you won’t accidentally close several tabs.
  • MicroB supports portrait browsing
  • Typing with the keyboard automatically brings up address bar/search bar – you have to scroll back up with firefox.
  • You can cut/copy/paste with MicroB
  • On screen keyboard is temperemental at popping up on firefox.
  • You can leave bookmark shortcuts on home screen with MicroB. FF bookmarks are in FF’s own homepage.

I would like to see a proper back button on the N900’s default browser. The panel of previously viewed pages is nice, but 99% of the time, I just want to press the back button and see the previous pages really quickly. [hardware keyboard is only option at moment]

  1. Francois
    February 21, 2010 at 7:59 am

    100% agree with your assessment.
    It is actually quite impractical to use Firefox for mobile without any way to adjust partial zooming and better panning. I bet the developers themselves would go back to MicroB after a few hours or real use.

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