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Video: Nokia N900 Video Samples (low light – and also a 16:9 photo sample)

(Low Light) Video Samples from the Nokia N900. Note, the N900 is not yet at final production software. Also, if you’re watching this within the first few hours of me posting, YouTube may not yet have converted it properly yet.

Update: If the video playback appears choppy, it does NOT look like that in the original file. In the YouTube video, I noticed it was choppy until I pressed HQ. After that, even normal quality looked fine.


ok, Wait, here’s the same first video in vimeo (It’s also converting so bear with me :):

Video recording is 848:480 at 25FPS. The original file is 1:30 seconds long and 36.6MB in size. As a reference, N900 performs better than the Nokia N97 in low light.  In conditions where you actually have decent amount of lighting (i.e. not in a cinema) it’s fantastic. Another thing worth noting is that Video in N900 has closer focus than N900. Check out Neil’s (the closest guy) face.

Sorry these are the only two samples – I didn’t capture/transfer any except these because we thought we’d have more time with the N900s. Unfortunately, Jussi had to take them back to Helsinki. 😦 I’ll try and get some more today. Same for photo samples. BTW full screen viewer for 16:9 photos is awesome.


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